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15 January, 2016
A joint glass exhibition of Guan Donghai and Li Zhenning

Exhibition period: 16 January - 5 March, 2016

To celebrate the The Hempel Glass Museum’s (Denmark) 50th anniversary in 2015, the museum has brought together 16 international contemporary glass artists from 11 countries in an exhibition titled “Colours”, to provide an insight into the state of contemporary glass today. 

Koru Contemporary Art is pleased to present the original exhibiting works from “Colours” from 2 of the 16 artists, Professor Guan Donghai Guan and Li ZhengNing.

In the original "Colours" exhibition, many of the participating artists communicated conceptually and discussed relevant themes including politics and a sense of vulnerability as a human being.  The works by Guan Donghai and Li Zhengning have a political undertone about life in China, historical as well as contemporary, containing references to Chinese human and animal mythology.


Opening Reception : Saturday 16th Jan 2016, 4 - 6pm




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