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14 January, 2015
Alfredo Barbini 1912 -2007 – A Century of Italian Glass exhibition extended

Exhibition extended until 7 February, 2015

With a long lineage of glass-making tradition tracing back to 1658, Alfredo Barbini, born in 1912, consequently becoming recognized as one of the leading figures in Murano glass during the 20th century.

Barbini glass is known for the thick facade with crackling and bubbles and the use of the highly skilled submersion method developed by Alfredo Barbini.

The massello technique (a technique in which glass is stretched, molded and fused, allowing multiple pieces to be joined without seams) is a technique peculiar to the Murano glass-makers. Beginning as a method used in specialized production of ornaments made from a single block of glass while producing these ornaments, Alfredo Barbini perfected his submersion or, vetro sommerso technique which he strongly favored as his signature style. This technique plays on the thickness, transparency and tone of the superimposed colors or placing of prepared objects inside the glass mass. Barbini's skill in making the fusing point of the glass masses non-existent was second to none.

Rare and collectable works made by the master to be shown in this exhibition are recognisable for the A. Barbini signature on the actual work.  All work has been negotiated and sourced directly from the Barbini estate and never before has such a comprehensive retrospective collection been shown in Hong Kong.


The Corning Museum of Glass, New YorK, United States

Los Angeles County Museum, Los Angeles, United States

The Denver Art Museum, Denver, United States

Musee des Arts Decortifs, Paris, France

Museum Haaretz, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Victoria & Albert Museum, London, United Kingdom

The Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh, Scotland

Kunstindustrimuseet, Oslo, Norway

Musee du verre, Ligee, France

Stadtglarie, Oberhausen, Germany

Kunstasammlugen, Veste Coburg, Germany

Kunstmuseum, Dusseldorf, Germany

Galleria d'Arte Moderna Ca' Pesaro, Venezia, Italy

Museo Vetrario di Murano, Italy


Osella d'Oro, awarded 1975, Venice Associazione degli Industriale, Italy

Honorary title Commendatore, awarded 1978

Venetian of the Year, 1989, Settimare Association

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