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23 August, 2005
NZ wood art collected by Taiwan National Wood Sculpture Museum
Miaoli Wood Sculpture Museum, Taiwan

We are pleased to announce that the Miaoli National Wood Sculpture Museum has collected a number of selected works from the following New Zealand wood artists represented by Koru-hk.com Contemporary Art Gallery:

John Ecuyer

Ian Fish

Alby Hall

Mike Hindmarsh

Peter Penhall

Rick Swain

Miaoli National Wood Sculpture Museum is the organiser of the 2005 third annual international Wood Carving Cultural Exchange Exhibition in Taiwan. The exhibition is a cultural exchange event aimed at promoting the Australian and New Zealand wood carving traditions and innovations to the Taiwanese society as well as allowing the general public to appreciate wood carving as an art form and understand the current trends of various regions around the globe, allowing for comparisons and studies. The exhibited works will become a part of the international permanent display in the Miaoli National Wood Sculpture Museum, a museum dedicated to displaying and storing fine wood arts around the world.

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The following video files are extracted from the museum's Chinese website:


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