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7 October, 2004
Sunny Wang Glass 2004, Hong Kong
A joint presentation by:

Koru-hk.com Contemporary Art and Bark Modern Art.

Exhibition: "Sunny Wang Glass 2004"

Receptions: Thursday 7th October and Friday 8th October 2004 between 6.30pm-8.30pm

Artist Sunny Wang will be present on both evenings.

Exhibition continues until 30th October 2004

Venue: Bark Modern Art Gallery, 1/F, 13-14 Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong

Tel: 2537 7271 Fax: 2537 6173

Bark's opening hours:

Sunday and Monday by Appointment

Tuesday - Friday 12-7pm

Saturday 12-6pm

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Sunny Wang Glass 2004

The complexity, beauty and individuality of the calligraphic element of Chinese signature stamps are the starting point for Sunny's work. She likes people to touch her work, to feel her work, as if touching a simple truth or a moment of happiness.

Sunny completed her Masters in Glass with Stephen Procter and Jane Bruce at the Canberra School of Art, Australia in 2001. Now, having returned to Taiwan and taken up teaching, she creates her own works. Her works have been exhibited in countries all over the world, including Australia, Japan, Italy, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

"I sent myself a present this year -- by subscribing to The Merit Times. I feel that the joyful and positive things in life are much more than the negative and distorted things. People usually tend to pay attention to the black spots on a sheet of paper while ignoring the white space. Rather than appreciating the sunny side of what we see and experience, some people insist on enlarging the dark side of life -- an attitude that leads to unrest of mind and emptiness in life.

My creative themes this year focus on the search for the origin and essence of life. "The Cell Series" features bubbles which represent the atmosphere when the creative ideas were conceived and the texture of the cells from which life begins. "The Chinese Character Series" demonstrates the linear beauty of Chinese characters, the fine feeling of the polished glass, and light which permeates the glass. The "Chinese Character Series" is the statement of my view on life and my expectations. The characters were etched on the round glass vessels. Although nothing is put into the vessels, they carry a certain artistic weight.

In my creation, glass is the material, the glass-blowing pipe is my pen, grinding machines my carving knife, and the sandblaster my trimming knife. The origin of my creation is my thinking and life's inspirations. The different life experiences and thoughts have been recorded faithfully on my works.

I hope my works would not only bring visual enjoyment but also inspiration to visitors."

Sunny Wang September 2004

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