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15 February, 2004
Koru-hk.com is pleased to announce the inauguration of New Zealand Glass in Taipei exhibition, in conjunction with the grand opening of the Page One Bookshop Taipei on 15th February 2004. The Guests-of-Honour include Commissioner Liao Hsien Hao from Taipei City Government Department of Cultural Affairs; Dr Ker Sin Tze, Trade Representative of Singapore Trade Office in Taipei; Mr. Tony Everitt, Regional Manager for Tourism New Zealand and Mr. John Sironic, General Manager of Taipei T101 mall.

Page One is the largest bookstore in Taiwan occupying a floor space of 25,500 sq. ft on the 4th floor of TAIPEI 101 Mall, 45, Shi-Fu Road. The bookstore is designed with the concept of Chinese ink-brush paintings depicting the beauty of nature and seasonal changes.

The New Zealand Glass in Taipei exhibition to be held at Page One will feature works from eight exciting glass artists from New Zealand: Claudia Borella, Emma Camden, Ola Hglund & Marie Simberg-Hglund, David Murray, Garry Nash, Lyndsay Patterson and Liz Sharek.

The exhibition starts at 11 am on 15 February and continues until 14 March 2004.
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