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27 January, 2003
"Origins #14" by Rick Swain
We are pleased to announce the arrival of "Origins #14" by New Zealand Master Sculptor, Rick Swain. (http://www.koru-hk.com/artists/wood/detail/000000168/zh/)

The first "Origins" evolved during Ricks wife's pregnancy with their youngest daughter Tania. The form was an abstraction of the developing life form, hence "Origins".

Subsequent to the first Origins, Rick has expanded on the original ideas to create another thirteen more one-of-a-kind Origins series. They all relate to that development and unfolding of new life. So far the other 13 pieces from the Origins series have all been collected by international art investors from New Zealand, USA, Germany, Japan and UK. Origins #14 is carved from one solid piece of New Zealand native timber, Kauri.
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