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3 March, 2003
Macrocarpa Cloak
Rick Swain has recently completed this amazing piece of 1.7 metre tall sculpture, Macrocarpa Cloak. The work is an abstract representation of a body and a cloak, hence the title Macrocarpa Cloak. It also expresses a lot of Ricks experiences over the last four years.

Please contact us at info@koru-hk.com for further details.

Rick Swain:

I had cut the two pieces of wood from a large macrocarpa [exotic wood] log of approx 2.5 tonne, which I rescued from the wharf after it was washed down the estuary during heavy rains. (Mercury Bay Vessel also came from this log). The idea of shaping the two pieces and then rejoining them with a space between was present from day one.

After doing a small amount of initial shaping work on the outer piece with a chainsaw (the chainsaw grooves are seen as the black lines on the work), I realised that I could not afford the luxury of the time required to finish the work at that stage. Now, four years later, and in changed circumstances, I have been able to indulge myself and complete it. (good for the soul).

Privately, the work expresses a lot of my experiences over those four years. Publicly, it was always to be an abstract representation of a body and a cloak, hence the title Macrocarpa Cloak.

I decided to leave some small areas in their natural condition to remind me of the 'log', and its state when found. The red inserts are fashioned from plywood, and fit into slots left by an over - exuberant chainsaw user (me) when separating the pieces from the log. The colour signifies the wound.

The degree of the finish, and the materials used to finish the surfaces vary according to the area and the tools used in each case. The materials include:- pigment stain, sealer, spraying enamel, Teak oil, and wax.
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