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10 October, 2002
Liquid Nature Captured in Glass
Internationally renowned glass artists Ola H?nd and Marie Simberg-H?nd were proud to present this book, as a tribute to their magnificent new "Rainforest Graal Collection.

A total of forty-three striking pieces from the collection have been captured in this 96-page, full colour collector?s book, produced by June Derecourt of Nelson Bays Print. Each art glass piece is engraved with an individual title and code, numbered and signed by the artists, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, making them true collector's items.

The Rainforest Graal Collection has been inspired by nature. The individual art glass pieces signify a connection to the landscape, immersing you in a visual impression of the 'Forest of Rain' captured in a three dimensional form. Each hand-blown piece is unique, and is brought to life by the captivating reflections of light and depths of shade working through the layers.

The intricacy of the Graal technique often eludes the untrained eye. A single Graal piece can take more than 40 hours to complete. Artistic sensitivity, intuition and great skill are required throughout the long, complicated and risky process. The Graal technique holds the vivid colours and striking decorations at the centre of each piece, suspended in thick crystal glass. Very few glass artists in the world have accomplished this difficult technique.

These stunning pieces of art glass are a celebration of the rainforests around the world. It is hoped they contribute to awareness of the rainforests as a vital natural resource, and advocate for their unique beauty and natural energy to be protected and passed on to future generations.

"Inspiration comes to us from the magic of the natural world and all its colours, shapes and forms," says Marie "The rainforest is unchanged for millions of years, but is constantly growing and evolving in harmony with the earth and the elements. Lush plants produce subtle layers of green and unique tones of colour the thick forest canopy lets in bright flashes of light and hides deep shadowy tones. This is what fires our imagination - this is what we wanted to capture in glass."